45  Micro-breweries
And 224 beers to choose from!
Table No          Brewery                         Tastes                      Distributor

1                 Great Black Swamp                                                      NWO Beverage
                                                              Bull Frog Stout        
                                                              Dark an Dirty Coffee Stout        
                                                              Equinox Imperial Red        
                                                              Humulust Imperial IPA        
                                                              Midnight Sun Black IPA        
                                                              Mosquito Red Ale        
                                                              Wild Duck IPA        
VIP    Somethin' Sexy (Wheat Wine Ale)  
2             Catawba Island Brewing Co                                                NWO Beverage
                                                              Double Couple 3 Hop IPA        
                                                              Renny's Pub Ale        
                                                              Sieche Scottish Ale        
                                                              Whitecap Wit      

2        Cellar Rats Brewery                                                                NWO Beverage
                                                              P.O.C. Pilsner        
                                                              Piper IPA        
                                                              Rat Tail Ale        
                                                              Rat Rampage Imperial IPA     
3        Indigo Imp                                                                            NWO Beverage
                                                              Blond Bomb Shell        
                                                              Firebrand IPA        
                                                              Gate Keeper Robust Porter        
                                                              Jeter Pale Ale        
VIP          Luster (Flanders Red Sour Ale)   
3        Rivertown Brewing Co                                                        NWO Beverage
                                                              Blueberry Lager        
                                                              Hop Bomber Pale Ale        
                                                              Hop Barron Double IPA        
                                                              Lil Sipa Session IPA        
                                                              Roebling Vanilla Espresso Porter        
VIP        Funk Vessel (Sour Ale)    
4        Oskar Blues Brewery                                                        NWO Beverage
                                                              Dales Pale Ale        
                                                              Mama's Yella Pils        
                                                              Old Chub Scottish Ale        
                                                              Ten Fidy Imperial Stout    
4        Harpoon Brewing                                                                NWO Beverage
                                                              Leviathan Imperial IPA        
                                                              Long Thaw White IPA        
                                                              UFO White        
                                                              UFO Raspberry Heffe     
5        Horny Goat Brewing Co                                                        NWO Beverage
                                                              Baby Got Back        
                                                              Hopped Up n Horny IPA        
                                                              Horny Blonde        
                                                              Red Planet         
                                                              WisconZin IPA        

5        Full Sail Brewing Co                                                                NWO Beverage
                                                              Sessions Black        
                                                              Sessions Red    
6        Crispin Cider                                                                           NWO Beverage
                                                              Crispin Original        
                                                              Crispin Brut        
                                                              Fox Barrel Pacific Pear        
                                                              Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear        
                                                              Fox Barrel English Perry    
6        Rockmill Brewery                                                                    NWO Beverage
                                                              Dubbel Abby Saison        
                                                              Tripel Golden Saison        
 VIP          Saison Super        

7        Goose Island                                                                        Treu House
                                                              10 Hills        
                                                              The Illinois        
VIP        pere Jacques      

       Frankenmuth Brewery                                                        Treu House
                                                              Tornado IPA         
                                                              Old Detroit        
                                                              Batch 69        
VIP        Pilsener        

9        O’Fallon Brewery                                                                Treu House
                                                              Cherry Chocolate        
                                                              Hemp Hop        
                                                              5 day IPA        
VIP        Zeke's    
10        Summit Brewing                                                                Treu House
                                                              Extra Pale Ale        
                                                              Oatmeal Stout        
                                                              Frost Line        
                                                              Horizon Red Ale        
VIP        Saga IPA   
11        Kona Brewing                                                                     Treu House
                                                              Fire Rock        
                                                              Big Wave        
                                                              Pipeline Porter        
VIP        Koko Brown    
12        Widmir                                                                                 Treu House
                                                              Hopside Down        
                                                              Downward Spiral        
                                                              Upheaval IPA        
                                                              Alchemy Ale        
                                                              Nelson Imperial IPA        
VIP        Columbia Common   
12        Red Hook                                                                            Treu House
                                                              Long Hammer        
VIP        KCCO    
13        Maumee Bay                                                                        Treu House
14        Sam Adams                                                                        Heidelberg
                                                              Sam Adams Lager        
                                                              Cold Snap        
                                                              Rebel IPA        
                                                              Double Agent IPL        
                                                              Angry Orchard        
VIP        Barrel Room Collection: Tetravis
15        New Belgium                                                                        Heidelberg
                                                              Fat Tire        
                                                              Rampant IPA        
                                                              Spring Blonde        
                                                              Ranger IPA        
                                                              Fat Tire        
VIP        Lips of Faith: Cigar City Collaboration    
16        Deschutes                                                                             Heidelberg
                                                              Mirror Pond Pale Ale        
                                                              Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale        
                                                              Black Butte Porter        
                                                              Inversion IPA        
VIP        Hop Henge Experimental IPA    
17        Great Lakes Brewing                                                        Heidelberg
                                                              Conway's Irish Ale        
                                                              Commodore Perry IPA        
                                                              Edmund Fitzgerald Porter        
                                                              Chill Wave Double IPA        
                                                              Dortmunder Gold        
VIP        TBD      

18        Woodchuck Cider                                                              Heidelberg
                                                              Granny Smith        
                                                              Seasonal (Spring)        
                                                              Private Reserve Barrel Aged        
VIP        Cellar Series: Chocolate  
19        Thirsty Dog                                                                         Heidelberg
                                                              Irish Setter Red        
                                                              Mayan Dog        
                                                              Citra Dog IPA        
                                                              Labrador Lager        
                                                              Old Leghumper        
VIP        Bernese Barleywine  
19        Mt. Carmel                                                                        Heidelberg
                                                              Nut Brown        
 VIP        Stout     
20        Atwater                                                                            Heidelberg
                                                              Vanilla Java Porter        
                                                              Decadent Dark Chocolate        
                                                              Grand Circus IPA        
                                                              Dirty Blonde        
VIP        TBD       

20        Victory                                                                                Heidelberg
                                                              Hop Devil IPA        
                                                              Headwaters Pale Ale        
                                                              Golden Monkey Tripel        
                                                              Dirt Wolf Double IPA        
                                                              Prima Pils        
VIP        Oaked Horizontal  
21        Elevator Brewing                                                               Heidelberg
                                                              Three Frogs IPA        
                                                              Dark Horse        
                                                              Bleeding Buckeye Red        
                                                              Winter Warmer        
VIP        Horny Goat Barrel Aged Porter    
22        Stone Brewing                                                                   Cavalier
                                                              Stone IPA        
                                                              Stone Ruination        
                                                              Stone Sublimely Self Righteous        
rrogant Bastard Ale        
Matt's Burning Rosid       
VIP        Smoked Vanilla Porter       

22        Jolly Pumpkin                                                                      Cavalier
                                                              Bam Biere         
                                                              Oro de Calabaza        
                                                              La Roja        
                                                              Noel De Calabaza        
VIP        Fuego del Otono  
23        Unibroue                
                                                              Blanch de Chambly        
                                                              Ephemere w/Cherries        
                                                              La Fin du Monde        
VIP        Unibroue 17 Grande Reserve     
23        Alltech/Lexington                                                                Cavalier
                                                              Kentucky Kolsch        
                                                              Kentucky IPA        
                                                              Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale        
                                                              Kentucky Boubon Barrel Stout     
24        Hoppin Frog                                                                        Cavalier
                                                              Hop Heathen        
                                                              Café Silk Porter        
                                                              Barrel Aged  
Outta Kilter      
Hoppin' to Heaven IPA        
VIP        Barrel Aged Boris the Crusher

24        Sonoma Ciders                
                                                              The Hatchet        
                                                              The Pitchfork        
                                                              The Anvil    
25        Virtue Ciders                                                                        Cavalier
                                                              Cidra de Nava        
                                                              Cidre Nouveau        
                                                              The Mitten     
25        B Nektar                
                                                              Black Fang        
                                                              Kill All The Golfers        
                                                              Zombie Killer        
VIP        Dwarf Invasion   
26        Left Hand                                                                            Cavalier
                                                              Polestar Pilsner        
                                                              Milk Stout        
VIP        Nitro Sawtooth      
26        Dogfish Head                                                                      Cavalier
                                                              Sixty Minute        
                                                              90 Minute        
                                                              Piercing Pils        
VIP        Noble Rot       

27        Jackie Os                                                                             Cavalier
                                                              Razz Wheat        
                                                              Mandala Citra        
                                                              Dark Apparition        
VIP        Hop Ryot  
27        Two Brothers                                                                      Cavalier
                                                              Domaine DuPage        
                                                              Prairie Path        
                                                              Northwind Imperial Stout        
VIP        Cane & Ebel    
28        5 Rabbit                                                                               Cavalier
                                                              5 Rabbit        
                                                              Super Pils        
                                                              5 Lizard        
VIP        5 Vulture    
28        Revolution Brewing                                                             Cavalier
                                                              A Crazy Little        
                                                              Coup D'etat        
                                                              Eugene Porter        
VIP        Double Fist      

29        Sugar Ridge Brewing                
                                                              Sylvania Stout Mark David        
                                                              Mullins Irish Red        
                                                              Joe Beer        
                                                              Winter Warrior        
                                                              Perrysburg Pale Ale        
VIP        Red Devil